Victory in the friendly match against Ajka

In our second summer training match we beat FC Ajka 3-2 with Bence Bedi making his debut for Vidi

Head coach Tamás Pető started the 2x60-minute friendly match against Ajka with the eleven of Tóth - Melnyik, Serafimov, Spandler, Schön - Csongvai, Christensen - Babos, Pető, Kastrati - Gradisar.

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5 July Friday

Fehérvár FC
  • Schön
  • Kovács
  • Katona


Sóstói Stadion Székesfehérvár

FC Ajka
  • Szvoboda
  • Borsos

Fehérvár FC

Tóth Balázs (Dala Martin 61') - Bohdan Melnyik (Huszti András 61'), Nikola Serafimov (Lakatos Kristóf 91'), Spandler Csaba (Kasper Larsen 61'), Schön Szabolcs (Simut Mario 61') - Tobias Christensen (Bedi Bence 61'), Csongvai Áron (Kovács Bence 61') - Babos Bence (Nicolas Stefanelli 61'), Pető Milán (Berki Marcell 61'), Lirim Kastrati (Katona Mátyás 61') - Nejc Gradisar (Kovács Patrik 61')

FC Ajka

Szabados István - Kopácsi Áron, Frák Marcell (Kitl Miklós 61'), Nagy Krisztián, Pantović Nikola, Kovács Nikolasz, Csizmadia Zoltán, Tóth Gergely (Borsos Filip 61'), Doncsecz Levente (Szvoboda Dániel 46'), Tar Zsolt, Horváth Péter

Match officials
Andó-Szabó Sándor

Andó-Szabó Sándor

After the kick-off, our team had more possession, in the 5th minute Schön broke inside the box and, his cross was blocked by the defenders. In the 8th minute, Spandler made a well-paced intervention to stop the opponents from threatening, and the resulting corner was cleared by our defenders. In the 12th minute, a cross was too high for Pető, the ball fell to Kastrati on the far side, whose 16-yard shot was confidently saved by the visiting goalkeeper. The match continued without any goals, and in the 25th minute, at the end of a good move by Fehérvár, Schön scored as he put the ball into the far corner of the net from 13 meters (1-0).

After the first 30 minutes, the match continued after a short break. In the 35th minute, Babos passed to Pető, whose shot was blocked and it was cleared away for a corner. The corner kick was headed over by Spandler. A dangerous Ajka counter-attack followed, Balázs Tóth made a great save, and in quick succession Csizmadia and Pető were both shown yellow cards. In the 50th minute Babos had a chance but his shot was saved by Szabados. The first 60 minutes ended with a free kick by Csongvai, which went over the crossbar.

In the second half, head coach Tamás Pető made several substitutions, leaving only Serafimov as a starter, with new signing Bence Bedi and András Huszti, who was on trial, also coming on. We continued with the team of Dala - Huszti, Larsen, Serafimov, SImut - Bedi, Kovács B., Stefanelli, Berki, Katona - Kovács P. At the beginning of the second half, in the 62nd minute, Ajka equalized: at the end of a quick counter, Szvoboda shot into the net from close range (1-1). Two minutes later, after a corner kick, Patrik Kovács was the first to react and get hold of the ball and shot into the net from 7 meters (2-1). The match got lively and in the 67th minute the visitors equalized for the second time: Borsos slid a cross into the goal from 6 meters (2-2). In the rest of the match Ajka had more of the possession although the goals were not in danger.

In the last 30 minutes Dala was replaced by Veselinov in goal, while Serafimov was replaced by young Lakatos in defence. In the 96th minute, Larsen dived in to meet Szarka's 10 metre shot, a great block by our defender! In the 102nd minute, a quick counter-attack saw Stefanelli release Patrik Kovács, who dribbled his way into position, his shot into the middle of the box was saved by the keeper. Stefanelli's shot from the right side of the goal was saved, and again the Argentine striker passed to Patrik Kovács, who missed the ball. In the 114th minute, Katona won a penalty and converted it with a powerful shot into the bottom left corner (3-2).

No more goals were scored, our team will travel to Slovenia next week for a training camp, where Tamás Pető will play three more preparation matches.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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