The two head coaches evaluated the ECL match 1. FC Köln - MOL Fehérvár FC

After the fantastic win in Cologne, Micahel Boris and Steffen Baumgart answered questions from journalists. 

Michael Boris:

"The home team started strongly, but I could see that they didn't know exactly which part of the team they were targeting with their attack. And after the red card the game clearly changed. The sending off was provoked a bit by our play, because we saw that Cologne were defending three on two, we were relying on that and it worked in one situation. After that we showed that we can play football. Of course, the fact that the home side came back into the game even when they were a man down and kept attacking deserves respect, and the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic, which made it difficult to control the team from the sidelines. Because they attacked with full power, the man advantage was not visible in the game, and we tried to react to that during the match, for example, Palko Dárdai changed sides."

Our head coach was asked at the press conference what the success in Cologne means to him as a German manager.

"Today's success is not about Michael Boris, it's about Vidi and Székesfehérvár - even if I'm from nearby. Our goal was at least a draw, but we managed to win, but it's not the end of the match - there are still ninety minutes to go. We will certainly need all our energy next week, but we have time to regenerate and we will prepare for the return leg in the same way as we did for today's game. I will talk more about how this match played out for me after the return leg."

Steffen Baumgart:

"Congratulations to our opponent for the win, of course we did not expect this result. Everything was going well until the 20th minute, but after the red card, everything we had planned was upset. We didn't create as many chances as we would have liked because our opponents defended well. The return leg will be difficult, that is clear, but we are going to Hungary to win. We knew beforehand that Fehérvár would defend well, and we have experienced that now, but we have to find a way to do it before the return leg. We will lift our heads and put our foot on the gas pedal. We travel to Fehérvár with the aim of correcting today's result."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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