"The twice 60-minute friendly has achieved its goal"

After the friendly match against FC Ajka, head coach Tamás Pető assessed the game.

"After a week of hard work, we played a good match against a very strong opponent. The twice 60-minute match achieved its goal, the result is totally secondary. I was curious about the play we showed, it was very good to see some tactical elements in our game that we had practiced in training during the week. We have had tactical training this week, but obviously there is still room for improvement and there is room for development of the players. In the training camp in Slovenia we will focus on practicing tactical elements. It's good to see a lot of young players playing for us again, I would like to highlight Kristóf Lakatos, who played a good game today, and proved that he has extra talent, he is of great value to the club and the whole Hungarian football" - Tamás Pető told our website.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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