Tamas Artner: Vidi are not as effective without Istvan Kovacs

Haladas manager looks forward to Sunday's home match with Videoton.

"Videoton FC have suffered a slight downturn recently, but they still have a very strong team despite this. They have Juhasz, Caneira, Vinicius at the back. In midfield there is Sandor, Kovacs, Kleinheisler, Gyurcso, while up front they can choose from Nildo, Paraiba, Zé Luis and Nikolics. They basically have a complete squad with no weak points. Their bench is also strong and they can confidently make changes to the team when they feel like it. Istvan Kovacs is very important to them, and when he is not playing, Vidi are not as effective. We will be up against a very organized and strong side today. We must not allow them to play their own game. We need to play and strive that are will prevails. It will be a real battling game due to the state of the pitch. We are not the favourites, but we will do all we can to get the win. The players are not as fresh as they could be due to the amount of traveling we have done in recent days. We were fortunate that we did not have to travel straight home after the Nyiregyhaza cup match. We spent the evening in Mezokovesd, and the players were able to regenerate better as a result. Mursits, Kalasz, Zsirai are all injured, while Nemeth and Devecseri are both suspended for the game. Feher has a back problem while Nagy has trouble with his thigh. Schimmer was able to train for the first time on Friday. The latter three players are all doubtful for the match" - commented Haladas manager Tamas Artner.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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