Pal Lazar: This is only the beginning

Vidi defender Pal Lazar talks to the website

- This interview gives us the perfect chance to talk a little! How was 2010 for Pal Lazar?
+ It was a positive year for me. I played very little last spring, but I played much more time on the pitch over the autumn season, which has just ended. In fact I played more over this period than the entire previous season as a whole. I am not unhappy, however, and I know that it is a long process to become a footballer. My first aim was to become a first division player. My next target was to break into the National U21 side. I have since gone on to make three appearances for the senior national side. Two of those games for Hungary were qualifiers. I also managed to establish myself as a regular starter for Videoton. I have also had some good games under my belt. I believe that these are all important stops in my playing career. I have managed to achieve all of my aims so far, and I feel that I can be proud of what I have accomplished so far at the age of 22. I have made 67 first division appearances over my time at the club. I would highlight that this is only the start, and I hope to have 10-15 years ahead of me. 

- You have been playing for the club since spring 2008. You have had an up and down time since then. You were a regular starter when Istvan Varga was the manager, but you have also had a period out of the team under the present manager, Gyorgy Mezey?
+ The physical and technical preparation is only one part of how a player performs from week to week. A lot depends on the mental state of a player, and what condition he is in inside his head. If for example, you have personal problems in life, and I am not thinking here only about family problems, as we are also human, it is important as to how you work those problems out and solve them. I also feel that I have matured a lot over the last two and a half years, and I think this can be seen in my performances on the pitch. I am motivated by the fact that I have reached one level, and I will do what I can to continue my upward trend. 

- What are your aims for the year ahead?
+ The most important is for Videoton to become champions this year! This is the only thing that I have in front of my eyes right now. I would also add that this applies to all of the other players as well. We are working hard, and we hope to have a successful pre-season period, and lets hope that we can make the old dreams a reality, at the Sostoi stadium. Then we can turn our attention to the Champions League.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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