On Monday our squad leaves for an eleven-day training camp in Slovenia

Tamás Pető's squad will play three friendly matches in Slovenia.

From the 8th to 18th July, Vidi will have a training camp in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. The resort, famous for its ski slopes, is located near the triple border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The town of just over 5000 inhabitants is 6 km from the Italian border and 2 km from Austria. The walking distance from one end of the town to the other is less than 15 minutes. Professional skiers can compete for the Vitranc Cup, which is also a World Cup point winner, in the Slovenian ski resort every year.

Lake Jasna, near Kranjska Gora, is one of Slovenia's biggest attractions. Tourists come from all over to admire the lake's fabulous colours and to lay in the grass in the summer. Jezersko Jasna is the name of the lake in Slovenian, from which jezersko means 'lakes' and jasna means 'clear'. The name is apt, as the glacial water of the transparent Pišnica River feeds both the southern and northern lakes.

(Fotó: Tomo Jesenicnik/

One of the symbols of the lake is a bronze statue of a goat from the north side of the lake. The symbol of the Triglav Park protects the lake and the national park. Zlatorog also means golden horn. It is also worth knowing that, according to legend, there is a treasure hidden in the Julian Alps (i.e. in Triglav Park), and only those who solve the riddle - one of which is hidden in the Zlatorog horn - will find it, according to the Slovenian Kisokos.

Our team will also play three preparation matches in the Slovenian training camp: on 11th July at 17:30 against Serbian side Cukaricki, on 13th July at 11:30 against Slovenian NK Dekani, and on 17th July (in Bled) at 15:00 against Turkish club Göztepe.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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