"I want to be a stable member of the team"

We also talked to Bence Bedi about his earlier years in Zalaegerszeg, the milestones of his career so far and his targets in Fehérvár.

How old were you when you started playing sport and why did you choose football?

I have been playing football since I was about six years old. It wasn't a difficult decision, everyone at school loved football, we played a lot in the holidays, and whenever we had time we would go out to play football in the school playground. At school I tried athletics, I was in competitions, I played handball for a short time, but football was the one that stuck.

How did you join the ZTE academy in 2011?

In high school I had to choose where to go to further education. A few years before that, the academy started in Zalaegerszeg, which was a good opportunity to play football in an academic setting, which is why I chose it.

In 2015, you made your debut in the adult league in a ZTE-Békéscsaba NB II league match. Do you remember this match?

Of course I remember, and I also remember that I was very nervous, because before that I had only played in youth matches. It was quite a big thing for me to play in the senior team, and I was immediately in the starting line-up. I played about 60 minutes in a game that ended 0-0, I thought it was a good game in front of a lot of fans, so it was a great experience all round.

In football today, it is rare to spend more than a decade at the same club. Yet that's how your career has turned out.

When I was an academy student, my goal was to play in the senior team. That came to fruition when I got the opportunity to play in NB II, where I spent four and a half years. It was a great period, topped off by the fact that we were promoted to the first division, which allowed the team and myself to move up a level. I got to play a lot, plus I had the opportunity to develop and play for the club I had already spent so much time with in the NB I. I owe a lot to ZTE, it was a real pleasure to play for the club whose academy I grew up in.

During your career so far, what are the achievements you are most proud of?

I would mention the major milestones. The whole season we won the NB II and got promoted to the top division was sensational. The first season in the NB I was also a great experience, because I had never played at that level before and I was able to play almost all the time. It was also great to win the cup in 2023, in front of a huge crowd, the first cup win in ZTE's history. I am happy to have been part of it.

Which position are you comfortable in and what type of player do you consider yourself to be?

I play most of the time in midfield as aa central midfielder and I have also played at left-back. I am comfortable in both positions, but I like playing as a midfielder the most. I'm a hard-working player who likes to be in all parts of the pitch and help both the defence and attack. I wouldn't say my game is eye catching, I'm a useful team player.

Do you have a favourite player, a role model?

When we were young, Ronaldo (the Brazilian - ed.) was at the top of his game. He was the most popular name, he was my idol when I was a kid.

You spent half your life in ZTE, why did you decide to change now?

I spent a lot of good years in Zalaegerszeg, but I felt I wanted to try myself in a new environment. I simply needed a new environment and new impulses, so I decided to change.

What made you choose Vidi and what are you expecting from your time in Székesfehérvár?

The team had a very good season last season, almost getting a top three finish and fourth place in the Conference League - that also played a role in my decision. It's a great opportunity for the club and for me to play in European competition. And my personal goal is to make the team, I want to be a stable and decisive member of the team.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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