"The Fehervar advantage is not too encouraging"

The article in the Nemzeti Sport after the match suggested that they were not overly impressed with the Videoton players or the final result. 

The sport journal coverage dealt first with the fact that they were counting on more than 8000 supporters inside the Sostoi stadium, as Vidi had played international football two years previously. 



Videoton picked up a very slight advantage in the cup match. We were expecting a better performance from the Fehervar side. The home side could not convert the chances that came their way in the first half. The visitors had made several mistakes in their game until then. Videoton's main problem was that their midfield had produced a moderate display. The forwards did not move enough, and they failed to create a real clear cut chance on goal. The defenders dealt with the long balls forward by heading them clear. The visitors midfield and attack closed down the home side forcing them in to making errors. This manifested with generally the third ball ending up in a bad place. It appeared after the opening goal that Videoton could change their tempo. We saw one or two promising chances, but there was no continuation. It became more apparent in the second half that Dukla's tough and determined play would see them play out the game without conceding any further goals. There was always a free player who could be played in after possession was gained. Their attacks became more confident. Fortunately there were errors in their direction, and despite one effort that hit the post, they failed to create a goalscoring chance. The slight lead is still an advantage, but we must point out that Videoton will have to produce a great deal more if they want to progress past Dukla Prague - wrote the Nemzeti Sport journalist.  

Reporter Bela Varga had a good opinion of the match officials, noting that Koszta and defenders played suitably, but was disappointed with the midfielders: "Neither Burcsa, nor Csongradi or Vadasz were able to direct things. They even made the mistake of not bothering with Vizek." - he continued. Lajos Majer was praised and he pointed out Szabo for the goal he scored. Novath's game was rather grey. 

Author: David Rechnitzer

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