Kovács Dániel


Kovács Dániel full name

16. 01. 1994. birth year

Gyula birth place


Our Gyula-born goalkeeper became a player of the most prestigious team of the region, Békéscsaba, in 2008, and in the summer of 2011, he was signed by Vasas for their U18 team. In 2012-13 he was already a member of the U19 team, and in January 2014 he was signed by the world famous Brazilian Fluminense.

His adventure in South America lasted a year, and in early 2015 he was signed by Kecskemét, for whom he was on the bench 4 times in the NB I. He then spent a season at ZTE and a season on loan at Csákvár, where he was the first-choice keeper. In 2017, he was signed and immediately loaned to Soroksár by Ferencváros, and after one season he became a permanent member of the yellow and black’s side.

He played in 101 NB II league games with Soroksár and reached the semi-finals of the Hungarian Cup with them.

  • 30 years age
  • 190 cm height
  • 87 kg weight

Kovács Dániel

Kovács Dániel


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