The two managers faced the media following the away game at DVTK

Bartosz Grzelak and Vladimir Radenkovic gave their reactions after the match.

Bartosz Grzelak:

“Congratulations to Diósgyőr for the victory. It would have been great to play this game 11 on 11, it would probably have been a different game, but that's football, these things happen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising the referee's decision, it would have just been nice to see how we carried on with the game plan that had been fully carried out while we had a full team out. Basically I am proud of the players, even at the break the attitude was totally positive, we believed we could score a goal or goals. We got into the attacking third with some pretty good balls, but there was not enough quality to finish the attacks this time. It's a tough feeling that we lost the game at the end like this and the difference was four goals. But this is also due to the mentality of the players, we went forward even when we were behind, we substituted attackers to get better results and goals, but as a result, today the opponent scored several times at the end of the game. I am hurt by this defeat at the moment, but the mentality of the players was positive, it was very good to see that many people from Fehérvár accompanied us today, we can feed on these facts and we have to go on, we are preparing for the next tasks.”

Our head coach was also asked about what he was thinking when Levente Szabó scored twice against us.

"Levi is a great guy, we have a good relationship, we have been through better and worse times together at Vidi. I wish him all the best for his career, but that's not what I was thinking today, that he scored the last two goals."

Vladimir Radenkovic:

"In the first ten minutes I felt the players lacked confidence. We built well at the back but were slow with the ball. We asked the team at that time not to panic even when the opponent had the ball and later on we took control of the game. The red card obviously had a big impact on the game, then we finished the game very smartly with a man advantage and deserved to win the game."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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