The two manager's faced the media after the final whistle

Bartosz Grzelak and Zsolt Hornyák faced the media after the game.

Bartosz Grzelak: 

"We scored early, it was very important for us. We retreated a bit too deep after that, we did not alwqys keep possession of the ball, which wasn't planned. Balázs saved a penalty, it was a three-point save so to speak, and we managed to get the second goal. We started the second half as if the score was 0-0, but in this period Colley was a constant threat, scoring a goal and the Puskás players showed their individual skills. However, we got into the game and managed to close the match with the third goal. I am very happy, not only with the starters but also with the substitutions, everyone brought a great mentality to the game today."

Our head coach was also asked about Karamoko's introduction and Christensen's good game at the press conference. 

"I felt that we needed a different type of striker against Puskas' centre-backs because Kenan Kodro and Szabo Levi are players with similar styles. Karamoko has a great strength in counter-attacking and at that time we also changed a little bit to markJonathan Levi not just one but two men, today I can say I am a lucky coach because these decisions worked. Christensen has had a couple of good games when he was a useful player. He is a calm player who is good at starting counter-attacks and putting other players in good positions, but today he gave a great assist and scored a nice goal. He's still a young player and you can see the continuous improvement."

The team is third in the table after the match, and of course that was also mentioned.

"I always believed in the team's ability. We start every week winning games, we're doing well now, but we have to be humble and stay on our feet. Today Balázs Tóth's save was very important, against Újpest the opponent had a great chance that just missed the goal, so now we have these moments. I'm sorry I can only give you a boring answer, but we really prepare for the game ahead of us every week. But, of course, today you can celebrate and be happy with the three points."

Zsolt Hornyák :

"Congratulations to the home team for the win. We started very badly, our first balls were not successful at all, we lacked confidence and the opponents took the lead. After that we had a penalty which Plsek missed, we had a kick which we couldn't put enough power into, then the aforementioned player missed another one and it was 2-0. The first half didn't go at all as we had planned, our long balls were controlled by Vidi. We made two changes at the break, with Levi replacing Plsek in midfield and Slagveer replacing Sosialo on the wing. We were noticeably better after that, we were very active, we had a lot of crosses, we scored a goal and at 2-1 I felt we could come back into the game. Then we made a mistake with a basic ball recovery and conceded a legitimate penalty. That's where the game was decided."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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