Roland Juhasz' rehabilitation is going very well

The experienced central defender suffered an injury but he is now on the road to recovery.

"The rehabilitation of Roland Juhasz stepped into a new phase over the recent days. The emphasis is now on football related movements following a period of strengthening. Fortunately there were no complications in our work, and his rehabilitation is progressing really well. Roland's knee is working well so it is now down to him as to when he can return back. I can see that he is really motivated and determined, so I am sure that he will come back in great form, when he returns once again to first team action. Our plans are for him to join in with the other team members on the first few days of November. He will then be able to perform the same training methods as the rest of the others" - commented club physio Szilard Purger.

"Luckily my injured leg has reacted well to the rehabilitation. I have not experienced any type of pain during the days that I have worked on it, which is reassurring. I also hope that the current ball work will not cause any problems. I hope to link up with the rest of the squad within a week. The plan is to play for Vidi this season in a competitive game. I am lucky for a certain point of view, as I have avoided serious injury in my career. I had to spend a similar period out injured around 8 years ago, as I have now. It was a very similar injury to the one Paraiba has just suffered last week. It meant that I could not play for many weeks. That is the past, which I do not really want to look back on that much. Looking ahead and I am counting the days until I can return" - said defender Roland Juhasz to

Author: David Rechnitzer

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