Marko Nikolic: We need to play with stability and maximum concentration

The Vidi head coach looks forward to Tuesday evening's second leg match in Athens.

"I know that I am repeating myself, but I want to say once again that we had a dream at the beginning of the summer. That was about the champions league and we are 90 minutes away from reaching our dream. I am naturally very proud of everything until now, not just because of the results, but also the performances that we have put in. We are clear that it will be hard but we know what we need to do for the game to turn out well. We are a real battling side, which is very important that I can see on the lads that they believe in making that final step. We are now at the point where we do not really have that much to lose. That does not mean that we will be going forward all the time. There are several methods for us to get two goals. We need to play with stability and maximum concentration. If I will see that the boys will give everything, as they usually do, we will be proud of them after the game, whatever the result."


Author: David Rechnitzer

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