Joan Carrillo: I am satisfied with the performance of the players

The two manager's shared their thoughts on Sunday's match.

Joan Carrillo: We achieved good results throughout the season, winning many games and we did not let this change at the end. It was also important that we said goodbye to the supporters with a win in our final home match. The only impact of Wednesday's cup match on the one today was that the players wanted to get over the result. This was not easy as we played particularly well in the first half on Wednesday, and also started the second period well. We created many chances in the first half of today's game, and you could see that the team were playing well. Things were a little bit more difficult in the second half. Kecskemet were very well organized in their defending and it was hard to get in behind them. Calatayud saved a penalty at the start of the match, which was not really a surprise as I feel that he is the best keeper in the league. The match was decided by a goal from Trebotic. We can say that today was his day. He had chances up until now but they did not go in. However, we knew that he would score sooner or later. I gave those players the chance today that have played less during the course of the season. They all gave their maximum and I am satisfied with the performance of the team.

Bekő Balázs: Taking into consideration that neither team had anything really to play for, it was a good game. We tried to lift ourselves to the task in had, which was to put them under as much pressure as possible, which we managed to do. The difference between the two squad's is immense. We knew this before the match. I would like to congratulate my players on their performance, and also to Vidi for winning the league title! I would also like to thank both sets of supporters for their backing that I received today. They created a lovely atmosphere inside the Sostoi stadium. It felt especially good to receive applause after the match from the home supporters.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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