"It's disappointing that we missed the top three"

After the match against DVTK, which ended 0-0, our midfielder Dávid Sigér gave his assessment.

"When I saw that the goal was being scrutinised again, I couldn't believe that they would take it away. I couldn't believe that we had already gone through the moment, and at the end there was that overwhelming feeling that only football can give you, the stadium exploded thanks to our fans, and then I see that they are investigating again. Moreover, at the first goal they said that I was offside, even though it didn't fall within 10 metres, and after that a lot of things happened, I think it's ridiculous that they disallowed it because of that. I think it came down to millimetres and it's very disappointing that they don't help attacking football in these cases. At the same time, we had a lot of games where we couldn't score the one goal that could have turned the game in our favour. We were successful at that at the beginning of the spring, but at the end, when one or two people failed to light it up, we were in trouble. We played a good game in a great atmosphere, I felt all the time that the flag was flying for us and we were going to win this game. The goals came, but we didn't win. It's a big disappointment that we were fighting for the podium all the time, at one point second place seemed within reach, but in the end we missed both" - said our midfielder Dávid Sigér in front of M4 Sport cameras after the draw against DVTK.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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