Henning Berg: We still have lots to learn and develop

The two managers spoke to the media following Tuesday's league match.

Henning Berg:

"We did not play too well in the game. Both teams had problems but we need to concentrate on ourselves. I have to say that we did not play at the level that we are capable of today. We did not create chances and we allowed MTK to counter attack us in the second half. They managed to take advantage of one of those moves. We played slower than we have until now. We have played the most games out of all the Hungarian teams, and both MTK and us had to play a match one day earlier than the others. This does make a difference. This is not an excuse for today's performance, but it is a reason. We are still not there as a team where I would like us to be. We still have a lot of work ahead of us and we need to develop. We need to play at a good level in each game."

Teodoru Vaszilisz:

"I was really pleased with the game today. They measure beer and wine by the litre and football by goals. I am very happy that we have picked up 3 points against a strong team. The lads were owed this. We did not give Vidi too many chances and we also closed down the wings well. That allowed us to hit them with counter attacks. Thankfully one of those went in. I felt that we deserved the three points today."

Author: David Rechnitzer

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