Akos Elek talks about 2010

The biggest present is that I could spend the festive period together with my family

Akos Elek had a great 2010, where he managed to become a key figure in Gyorgy Mezey's side, as well as breaking into the Hungarian national side. We asked Akos to talk about his favourite parts of the last twelve months.

Best game?
+ For Videoton over the autumn season, it was the 3-0 home win over Vasas, were I thought we produced our best performance. Andre Alves scored the first goal, while Goran Vujovics hit the third. I managed to score in between those two goals. I would have to choose the international game away in Finland as my favourite moment with the national side. I got hold hold of the ball on the edge of our area in injury time, and broke away with it, running almost the entire length of the pitch before setting up the winner.

- Best memory?

+ Stepping onto the pitch at Wembley stadium. I spoke about this on the Vidi website, when I returned back following the friendly game in August.

- The worst moment?
+ I would choose the 6-1 defeat in Holland, in a friendly match. I did not start the match, but I came on with the score at 1-2. We just seemed to concede goal after goal, which was not enjoyable. 

- The best day in the last twelve months?
+ That came on the 24th October. Vidi played a friendly match against my local village side called Banreve. There had been lots of damage following storms, and the club helped out to try and raise funds. I was very proud that we could help in the way we did.

- Team mate that you are closest with?
+ I would go for two players in this area: Zoltan Liptak and Daniel Nagy. Liptak because we both see football in a similar way, and we have a similar attitude as well. Also the fact that he also plays for the national side was another major factor. We would usually share a room in training camps and when we were away on international duty. As for Dani, I simply like him and he is a great person. I would also say that he is a fun guy to be around. 

- Best present?
+ That I got to spend Christmas together with my family. Banreve is quite far from Fehervar, and there isn't always enough time to travel home during the season. So I do not get to see my parents and sister as much as I would like to.

- How was Christmas and how will you be spending New Year's Eve?
+ I spent Christmas quietly, and it went by peacefully. I was pleased that my brother Bence could also be at home. I ate a lot and I can say that at times I also stuffed myself. Luckily I have never had any problem with my weight. We have also gone to the local school hall to have a game of football with my friends, so I have managed to move a bit. I will be spending New Years Eve with friends, but as to exactly where, I am still not sure. I would finally like to wish the Videoton supporters everywhere a happy and successful new year.

Author: David Rechnitzer

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