Bartosz Grzelak: "I can't wait for Saturday night and the game against Honvéd!"

We look at the interview our new head coach gave to Nemzeti Sport and Fejér Megyei Hírlap.

On his second day of work in Fehérvár, Nemzeti Sport and Fejér Megyei Hírlap interviewed our new head coach Bartosz Grzelak. The Swedish coach told the sports daily that he chose Vidi from several offers.

"Polish and Scandinavian teams were also interested, but for various reasons I did not commit to any of them. There were some where my vision did not match the management, I could not identify with the project outlined. There is nothing wrong with that, it is part of football. However, I see huge potential in Vidi. When I was approached from Hungary, I didn't need an introduction to the club, I had heard a lot about it before, and the memory of the Champions League qualifying tie against Malmö five years ago is still vivid in my mind. I respect Vidi - and with it Hungarian football. I consider it a great opportunity to work in Fehérvár, and I'm here because I was attracted by the job. I will do my best to get the club back to the heights it deserves as soon as possible."

Bartosz Grzelak also spoke about his passion for coaching and the adrenaline rush of the matches.

"I said goodbye to AIK in August last year and in the last five months I realised how much I missed football. Shortly before the interview, we came in from training and I said to my colleagues: my God, I love it! It's my passion, it keeps me going. I love it when I get to work during the week, when I can be out on the pitch. And as the weekend gets closer, the adrenaline rises. I can't wait for Saturday night and the game against Honvéd!"

Our head coach also spoke to Fejér Megyei Hírlap about his positive first impressions of Hungary.

"I have never worked outside Sweden. You have to respect foreign people and foreign culture. Everyone I have met in Hungary, in Fehérvár, has been very kind and welcoming. This will make my job a lot easier. I live in Székesfehérvár, I want to feel the energy of the city. I haven't met the fans yet, I'm really looking forward to Saturday's match. I ask the fans to try to look ahead. We have to focus on the task ahead of us. I ask the fans to help the team! There have been a lot of setbacks for both fans and players in recent times. If they support the team, we will achieve our goals. Have faith in progress, in moving forward."

Szerző: David Rechnitzer

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