Attila Fiola: "I am very happy about Palko Dárdai's debut"

After the national team match against Greece on Sunday evening, Attila Fiola, who started again this time, answered the questions of journalists.

About the last two national team matches this year

"Overall they went well, although we would have liked to have won in Luxembourg, unfortunately we didn't win there, we were a bit stuck, just like in the second half against Greece. We would have liked to have had more possession but in the end we won the game and finished the year well, that was the most important thing."

On Palko Dardai's debut

"I am very happy with Palko's debut, I tried to help him in everything here at the national team. I hoped that he would be able to make his debut against Luxembourg, but it didn't happen there yet, but I encouraged him to try and make the most of the opportunity he might get in the home game. I hope we can be here together many more times with the national team. I congratulated him after the final whistle, and now we'll have a holiday together, so we can talk things over there."

On the national team in 2022

"We had a successful year, we made the most of the Nations League group stage, only the Luxembourg game was a bit of a pity, but overall we finished the year well."

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